Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pink Chocolate Heart

(thanks to lollyworld.com.au for this photo) Funny but yes, I just saw today a pink chocolate heart. Well, at least that was what I saw with the slightly shimmering cover of a chocolate I saw at the SM Mall. I wanted to buy it and guess what? I got it for a few peso buck's worth.

I even tried looking for a photo using Google search and I found one. Although not much like what I bought back in SM Mall, it was quite fine and looks just like it. Why I lost the pink chocolate? Well, it's while I was driving on my way home that I saw a kid beggar on the street trying to ask for some lose change.

Yes, I did give the pink chocolate I just bought to the beggar kid and I can't believe how it felt so good doing it. Just imagine you found something precious and special somewhere along the way and giving it to someone else the very moment.

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